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4 Most Popular Kitchen Styles

If you’re looking for ideas for a new kitchen in the coming year, you’ve come to the perfect spot. The range of options available these days is almost unlimited, guaranteeing much to suit everyone. The breadth of choice available these days is practically limitless, overflowing with functional but promising materials in wonderfully vibrant colors. Ideally, remodeling a kitchen is essential for increasing the value of your home. It might be more straightforward and less expensive with the appropriate assistance. Furthermore, with the merging of function and design, you are sure to end up with a unique kitchen that boasts both efficiency and beauty.

1. Contemporary

We frequently use the terms modern and contemporary interchangeably, yet there is a subtle distinction between them regarding kitchen styles. Unlike the word “modern,” which refers to a historical design approach with a precise definition of what may and cannot be included, “contemporary” simply indicates “latest trends, in the present.

The look of contemporary kitchens is very sleek and sophisticated. They frequently use clean lines and beautiful style and the most recent design trends to produce an appealing look. Contemporary kitchen designs often contain the best and most up-to-date appliances, allowing homeowners to keep ahead of kitchen trends.

Here at United Signature, we also do some contemporary kitchens match paired with flat panel door front and build-in or hidden appliances. A contemporary kitchen has distinctive architectural and minimalistic features, which incorporate a variety of aesthetic elements. This design concept contains modern accessories, easygoing yet functional components, and easy-to-clean surfaces and materials. It frequently has the attractiveness of strong straight and horizontal lines that emanate a feeling of simplicity.

Check out Sleek Townhouse Remodel, one of our successful Contemporary Style Kitchen. A must-watch house tour video.

2. Traditional

A warm, welcoming, and homey space you will surely get addicted to!

Traditional kitchens evoke ideas of classic interiors that embody the finest of traditional design trends, including clean lines, neutral tones, and simple elegance. While this style may become antiquated as trends become more complex, traditional kitchens are cozy, approachable, and personal.

Indeed, the traditional style includes timeless touches such as shaker-type wooden cabinetry and double gleaming marbled islands that can make even the busiest kitchen appear light and inviting. White shaker cabinets with a more formal appearance and stainless steel equipment with a modern design might be found. In a traditional-style kitchen, molding and trim are also typical.

Here’s an example of United Signature’s Traditional Style U-Shape Kitchen up on our Gallery section.

3. Transitional

The most common style of kitchens that United Signature does is the Transitional Style Kitchen. The blend of traditional and contemporary looks combined to create a cohesive style that is warm yet modern as per United Signature’s exquisite remodeler/designer Tanya Nsengwa.

Transitioning may be a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a new kitchen and renovating an old kitchen. Transitional kitchens use soft yet powerful hues like brown, coffee, and beige. They also have one-of-a-kind white cabinets with glass fronts and essential accessories that give the kitchen a modern feel while maintaining the traditional style that many homeowners prefer. Blending traditional elements into modernity is one of the most popular kitchen styles. Paneled and glass cabinets, along with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops, offer a seamless fusion of traditional and contemporary designs that bring elegance to any house.

See United Signature’s Transitional Style Kitchen Walkthrough.

4. Modern

Personalization will suit you the ideal kitchen you have ever dreamed of.

Modern design is unique, specific, and different in style. Modern design refers to an architectural style that originated in the early 20th century and conformed to tighter and stricter requirements; on the other hand, Contemporary design is more flexible and tolerates some rule-breaking and radical design.

Even yet, modern kitchen design fundamentals such as frameless cabinets, flat panel doors, little trim, sleek appliances and fixtures, and an abundance of flashy or silvery textures continue even to gain more popularity. Modern kitchens, for example, are devoid of adornment, allowing the colors and textures of the materials to take center stage. Sharp, solid lines and a minimalist aesthetic with more straightforward materials are hallmarks of a modern kitchen. The colors have become more neutral, with whites and greys as ruling tones.

We have Crisp and Airy Kirkland Home project for Modern Kitchen we’ve designed.

Visit our Gallery Section for more successful kitchen renovation projects in various styles. We’d be delighted to hop on a call for more information on kitchen design and talk with our designers for ideas and specifics of your kitchen remodel in mind. Contact us at (206) 790-1272.