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4 Ways to Decluttering Your Kitchen Space

Everyone loves a clutter-free kitchen. It’s refreshing to see your working area is a perfect, spotless condition, and we know that is every homemaker’s dream. However, that is not the case for some of us. Our kitchen countertops can be crammed with appliances, hundreds of mugs and plates, and spoons make a tight appearance in our cabinets and let’s not even talk about spices. But no worries, we have collected essential tips that you can apply to make sure your kitchen is always clean and decluttered.

Check Your Appliances

Cooking is easier with the use of kitchen tools and gadgets, but if you have a tiny kitchen, they might be more bother than they’re worth keeping. Consider the kitchen activities you can do with other appliances you already own when determining which devices and gadgets you require. Also, make sure to test your appliances and devices regularly to ensure that they are still functional. Repair any damaged appliances you still want as soon as possible, so they don’t take up space. Anything you won’t use any longer should be donated or thrown away.

Keeping Tablewares to a Minimum

Limit your tableware and keep only as many dishes, bowls, cups, glasses, and cutlery as you use daily. Removing tablewares that you don’t use regularly can give additional space for your cabinetry. On special occasions, you may always borrow other dinnerware. If you have unique dinnerware for special events that you’d like to preserve, try storing it outside your kitchen to free up closet space.

Multiuse Products are Way to Go

It’s nice to go through kitchen stores with specialist items like cookie presses. However, these one-use products aren’t always feasible in a tiny kitchen. Instead, look for things that may serve several purposes in the kitchen. Also, if your cooking utensils are oven and refrigerator-safe, you may use them as storage containers instead of maintaining multiple plastic containers.

Organize the contents of your pantry

Don’t forget to go through your whole pantry or just a cabinet dedicated to food storage. Make sure to examine all labels and discard those that are no longer valid. You can store dry goods in glass airtight jars, which eliminates the need for packaging. Keep labels and a pen available to write the product name and best-before date on the label. Sort similar items together, such as baking, cooking, breakfasts, and snacks.

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