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5 Tips for Preventing Slips in the Bathroom

The majority of slip and fall incidents occur in the bathroom of our house. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than 2 million fall injuries each year. The combination of so many slippery, rough surfaces and dampness may create hazardous situations. Fortunately, you and your family may substantially lower your risk of accidentally falling in the bathroom by taking a few precautions. Here are a few tips for preventing restroom slips and falls to help you safeguard yourself and your family.

1. Always Keep it Dry and Clean

Be careful to dry the floor after you’ve completed washing or bathing. Don’t take the chance of slipping in your wet tracks. You can always make sure to keep your floor dry since you can’t always keep your tub and shower dry. Use a heavy-duty weighted shower curtain to prevent water from leaking onto the floor. After showering, attempt to wipe up any extra water that may have fallen into your floor using a towel to keep these things dry.

2. Install a Grab Bar in your Bathroom

For elder care restroom safety, grab bars are a must-have item. It serves two important purposes. First, it provides hold for the elderly when climbing the tub and on or off the toilet. Second, if your loved one falls, grab bars will be there for them to grip before falling. Grab bars are ideal for individuals who live with the elderly to keep them from sliding in the restroom. Aside from the elderly, people with disabilities will also be beneficiaries of great safety in this “disabled-friendly” bathroom design.

3. Refined and Matte-finish Bathroom Flooring Tiles

A misstep or a tumble is all it takes to keep someone out of work for weeks – yet such accidents may be avoided. We believe that applying anti-slip resistant flooring is one of the most effective methods. It will assure you to roam around in the shower since your feet will always have a solid grip to keep you safe. Anti-slip-resistant floorings like porcelain, ceramic, and clay tile can be used on bathroom floors to minimize the chance of slipping substantially.

4. Good Lighting

Any area of the bathroom where water might puddle should be brightly lighted, most especially at night. It’s a good idea to invest in a nightlight to help guests discover the bathroom light in the dark. Ascertain that your bathroom lighting is sufficiently bright for your everyday demands. You could also wish to use a nightlight or add an illuminating light to make it easier to access the bathroom in the dark of night.

5. User-friendly Bathroom Modification Style

Keep frequently used items within reach in the restroom, where the risk of slipping or falling is higher. It is vital in the shower or bath. Make sure towels, shampoo, conditioner, and other essentials are easily accessible. Because it has to be user-friendly for all ages, increase bathroom security by removing stepped-over items quickly. Stumbling over the side of their bath is perhaps the most dangerous hazard for the elderly.

All of the following are merely basic suggestions for you and your entire family of all ages. But, most crucially, preventing bathroom mishaps is a matter of personal precaution. NEVER RUSH INTO THE BATHROOM TO SAVE A MINUTE OR TWO, but rather take as much time as you need. To avoid a slip and fall incident, be extra cautious.