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6 Ideas For Kitchen Backsplash

There are just too many selections to make whenever designing a beautiful and functional kitchen, from appliances and cabinets to lighting and hardware. Choosing a kitchen backsplash, on the other side, is one of the most enjoyable selections. Whether you have a tiny or large kitchen, a modern or rustic, or a white or colored kitchen, backsplashes—which cover a portion of or all of the kitchen walls—are a perfect spot for adding or defining flair in the kitchen.

1. White Subway Tiles

A nice subway-inspired kitchen backsplash is a great combination for this modern luxurious white kitchen with a black accent look. Notice how gray-white-black plays a neutral color game but each of which is highlighted in this magnificent work! This backsplash style makes the kitchen brighter and larger, easy to pair with the bold or muted colors of cabinets and finishes, can be pair with the classic tone that suits traditional and farmhouse style—an overall appeal for a timeless and for being a clean, minimalist look.

2. Mosaic Backsplash

An outstanding makeover for a kitchen is unmistakably to have that notable feature of mosaic quartz tile backsplash. The brightness allows the mosaic pattern to shine through while also enhancing the entire kitchen, particularly the cabinets, with a greater offer where you can install LED lighting hidden beneath it. This eventually creates a personal accent and contemporary look. Mosaic backsplash comes in many great patterns, for one is the horizontal stack which widens the elevation, while a vertical stack moves the eyes up and makes the space feel taller. Some of the known mosaic backsplashes are elongated hexagon tile, mosaic herringbone tile, horizontal stack backsplash, and vertical stack.

3. Solid Slab Backsplash

The slab backsplash is the main element in many contemporary or transitional kitchens because of its sleek look of uninterrupted planes, blending a modern shape with a timeless traditional substance for the best of both worlds. Marble has a naturally beautiful sheen and charm that can bring a delicate impression of magnificence when used in white kitchen backsplash ideas. At the same time, its natural variations can help prevent the area from being too monotonous. A slab backsplash also exudes a minimalist look, elegant, can match with countertop and island (using same material), seamless coordination, easy to clean. A great example of this is the Carrara marble tile, a traditional white marble with a combined fleuri and vein cut that merges to produce subtle yet unique patterns.

4. Black Backsplash

A black kitchen backsplash may add elegance to a bright area or balance out a melancholy kitchen. Black is a quintessential shade that never goes out of style, and it may give a room polished air while also creating a somber mood or distinction. A black kitchen backsplash is a great choice for finishing off a dark room or adding a dramatic accent to a pale or monochrome area. It can also be built with a geometric aesthetic appeal in mind, which is trendy right now with black backsplashes.

5. Artisan Handmade Backsplash

Because of the tiny color difference in handmade tile, even neutrals may sparkle when the light catches these nuances and adds depth to the entire picture. If you like clean neutrals, the form of the tile you choose may still be used to customize your backsplash. Handmade artisanal tile is painted or glazed by hand. As a result, it has a lot of color diversity. The majority of individuals are quickly enthralled by its complex features.

6. Wallpaper Backsplash

Using a wallpaper kitchen backsplash is a simple, cost-effective, and unique way to brighten and color your kitchen. For your kitchen backsplash, you may pick from a wide variety of wallpapers. Choose a wallpaper that complements the countertop, hardware, and cabinet colors. Simply ensure that you select high-quality self-adhesive wall tiles that are both beautiful and functional for the reason for which you installed them in the first place.

There’s a lot to think about when constructing or sprucing up a kitchen, from layout to appliances to color scheme. Are you ready to improve your house with United Signature? Get a free estimate on your next home renovation by contacting us right now!