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8 Ways to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa-like Retreat

Pampering yourself after a tiresome day with a spa is definitely worth the cost. With different treatments such as body massage, hair and foot massage, you can already feel as if your body is renewed and born again. According to EverythingFinance, an average cost of $100-upwards worth of spa is enough for you to have a 1 hour worth of massage and relaxation you deserve!  But had it crossed your mind to turn your very own bathroom into a spa-like retreat? If you are wondering how to create a spa-like bathroom in just a few simple steps, you’ve come to the right place!

1. Attract the vibe

A relaxation and earthy smell and colors you can see is something that you should take into inspiration in recreating your bathroom into a spa-like retreat! Play neutral and natural colors such as white, brown, black, and green to give it an organic touch and look, calm thus exuding a calming vibe. You might also want to ask for a professional suggestion to make it work and got it right!

2. Keep it nice and simple

Need no more vibrant design for your spa-like makeover as the aura you are trying to capture is soothing and can take your worries and fears aside! So, for now, you might want to keep it lowkey but an impactful statement for being nicely neat and simple where you can silently think and relax. Keeping the details down to a minimalistic approach is the key.

3. Dim is lit

Sometimes too much fluorescent light can take away the best spa experience. The purpose of this makeover is to relax, and while in doing so, we tend to put everything aside just for a moment. Putting aside might also mean away from vibrant and shining lights that strike your eyes and keeping you wide and awake for long hours. Try to choose a design that can have controllable for the lighting. And while you soak yourself in a hot tub, you can opt to dim lights when you see fit.

4. Breathe in the scented air

Try using the air humidifier and oil diffusers to give your spa-like bathroom a blast and a wonderful smell you can enjoy! You can replicate the aromatherapy found in these top spas that can help in calming your mind and body while you enjoy your homemade spa experience. Scents like Eucalyptus, Jasmine, Peppermint, Tea Tree are recommended for stress relief and relaxation.

5. Tune in to your go-to playlist

Try considering a perfect spot in your bathroom made just for your portable speakers in redesigning your bathroom! You might be wondering how you usually become instantly calm and soothe upon entering the spa is because of this slow instrumental and repetitive calming music. By choosing the right playlist, you can easily zone out and put your mind at ease. Create your chillout mix playlist and calming music or your favorite bath time playlist since listening to music reduces stress and promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

6. Soak in a cozy tub

If you have a tub, you can already turn this into an alternative jacuzzi that will definitely be a head-turner design of your bathroom. Another option is you can buy lots of bath bombs if you like it that way. A bubble bath is also one way you can enjoy while relaxing with wine. Many things can be done in a simple tub but are definitely worth the experience once you try it.

7. Dropping your Skin Care Routine

One experience you can get from this makeover is you can freely experience that you love yourself by doing your personalized skincare routine with the different brands you can have! Another thing to relax and soothe yourself is to take good care of yourself by pampering and nurturing what you love the most!

8. Scented Candles

Candles release smells that elicit various emotions in both the mind and the body. A study in 2016 revealed that the sense of smell influences the physiological impacts of mood, stress, and functioning ability. The comforting warmth of a candle might also help someone seeking to enhance their sleep hygiene. The flame of a candle is a considerably preferable alternative than the distinctive blue light of a smartphone. In certain aspects, a candle may lighten and alleviate a hectic ambience by boosting our feelings through the perfume of its aroma. Lighting a fragrant candle, which may be used for a date, a soothing spa-like bath, or meditation, is a well-known means of generating a creative mood practically anywhere.

Talk with your designer and converse well on achieving a spa-like vibe to give your next bathroom makeover!