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Customized and Creative Ideas for Home Living with Pets

It’s hard to think that not long ago, pets lived in doghouses. It only makes sense to include our pets’ needs into the design ideas now that they’ve been fully welcomed indoors. We’ll begin by discussing the design tradeoffs you make when you welcome a dog into your house. While your cute fluffy family members are so well worth it, I believe it will require some effort to figure out how to adapt our houses to fit their demands in terms of convenience while preserving a decent style. I thought it would be fun to share some wise and unique house ideas for those of you who have dogs. Click through to see some adorable pups and new perspectives for a doable home living with pets!

1. Built-in Crate

If your dog is crate trained and needs a crate for safety and in the corner for the look of something built-in or personalized over-the-wire alternatives are available at large box shops. It has a more deliberate feel about it, is less visible, and can be customized to fit your dog’s specific needs.

2. Dog-Friendly Furniture

Try considering buying a dog day bed with storage beneath it in a corner of their room. In this way, using dog-friendly materials in our home may permit the dogs as they may laze around as they want. You can also save yourself from buying too many dog beds for numerous rooms due to this. They are aware of what furnishings they are permitted to use and what is prohibited. Of course, dogs are not always permitted to be seated on the furniture, but who can resist lounging on the sofa with a fuzzy buddy? Slipcover the most comfortable seats in the house in washable materials is a good idea. Cotton painter’s drop cloths, on the other hand, are a quick and inexpensive solution. Consider creating a unique area for your dogs, such as a window seat or a top-of-the-stairs lookout, for an exceptionally dog-friendly home.

3. A Way in and Way out

The adoption of a dog door is, of course, influenced by where you live and the size of your dog. However, having a built-in dog door is a huge plus for both the dog and the owner.

4. Feeding Area

Basic rules may sometimes create the greatest contribution in terms of functionality. Dog trays are typically left out in the open, prone to be chucked aside. Use an accessible spot for the food and water bowl when constructing a kitchen (or mudroom or laundry area). It will eventually become one of your favorite daily comforts. When that time comes to refurbish our laundry area, we’ll surely add a pot filler above the dogs’ water dish.

5. Wash Area

When it comes time to update our house, having a pet bath is definitely on our dream list! Having a dedicated place to do so is a huge time and back saver. We fantasize about having an elevated shower with a handheld spray. At the same time, midsized dogs can be bathed in a laundry sink, which eliminates the need to stoop over a low bathtub. A sink is much easier to clean than a bathtub. Install a dog shower with a handheld nozzle instead–these fit nicely in tiled recesses in mudrooms and laundry rooms. That seems like a total dream, and I’m sure it would make keeping our dogs clean a lot simpler! Muddy paws, perhaps? It’s no issue.

Pet rearing is a difficult task, but it is well worth it when done correctly. When everything else fails, go outside and enjoy the fresh air. It’s vital to enjoy your house, but you should also venture outside whenever possible. In the long run, your small ones (both people and animals) will appreciate you.