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Dark Exterior Paints: The Pros and Cons

Houses painted in dark hues convey the impression that their owners aren’t afraid to stand out. The downside is that it requires more maintenance than light-colored exteriors due to its dark tint. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of exterior to determine whether it’s right for you.


Black is Lit


There is no doubting that black houses have grandeur and power. The hue creates a powerful impression and, like a cocktail suit, requires a few embellishments to accent the appearance. The impact of an all-black exterior is minimalist and clean when the design is good contemporary.



You may always add a light-colored accent to your property, such as white-painted window frames or doors, to make your dark-colored façade stand out more. A Dark exterior home appears exceptionally stunning in the snow. Dark hues can hide strange architectural characteristics.

Hidden by Dark Hues


Darkness brings out the beauty of your home’s surroundings, which is especially beneficial if it’s near mountains or otherwise covered in trees. It has a rustic yet modern look, and it draws attention to the area around it. Dark hues can hide strange architectural characteristics.

It also enhances the ability of the eye to discriminate between various shades of green. Yellow-green and blue-green foliage stand out on a black background, giving the illusion of more lushness.


Easily Faded


Dark colors naturally fade quicker than light colors, and when it comes to home exteriors, sunlight and other factors can cause darker colors to fade. Dark hues fade quicker in the sun. Black house paint can flake and peel faster than light paint. That’s because black paint takes more direct sunlight, causing it to heat up or cool down (expansion and compressing more than a light hue). One approach to avoid this issue is to prepare the surface well before painting; the most major cause of scorching and ripping paint–of any color–is moisture seeping beneath its surface; carefully scrub and smooth an exterior prior to beautifying to avoid this situation.

Shortlived Momentum for a Design


Changes in the weather and exposure to sunshine may shorten one’s life span. You would most likely not get the same longevity out of the shade as you would with a lighter tone. Again, this is dependent on how much sunlight the residence receives and for how long. Your geographical location will also have an impact on your lifetime.

Horror or Honor

Everyone shares intense preferences about the color black. It reminds us of Trick – or – treating, darkest darkness, and the witch trials in Salem. You are making a bold point by turning your house black which may scare the neighborhood children). Coating your house with black suggests there is malicious activity; this may worry your locals, and you must be alert for this. On the surface, black emphasize flaws. If an external wall is painted black, any imperfection, dent, scratch, or fault will stand out much more.

However, we at United Signature will guarantee that your siding lasts by making the necessary preparations before installing the dark exterior and, of course, by selecting the appropriate exterior material for your home.