Splendid Easy-Clean Kitchen and Toilet in Bothell

A classy yet budget-friendly transitional kitchen and bath remodel

The Story

Property Overview

The property is designed from the ground up to allow customized features to suit the client’s needs. It highlights the elegance and a touch of opulence with modern light fixtures and luxury vinyl floors throughout the first floor. The house consists of a white and grey color combination that emphasizes versatility and sophistication, which complements to the vinyl flooring.  A classic synthesis of modern architecture, which physically separates the borders, highlights the beauty of white and grey.

Existing Conditions

The house is constructed entirely of light fixtures with a full drywall finish. Awkward spaces that are in need of additional functions that could help build on the homey and comfy feeling of a home.  Moreover, the interior design was lacking on impact as the wall decor and fixtures need enhancement that can provide quality living and an excellent framework around which should be able to plan the rest of the room.

The Plan

Tailoring the space to suit transitional style in a monochromatic grey color scheme incorporating different textures to make the room look visually attractive, transforming awkward spaces into a more functional one that will enhance the client's lifestyle.

A – Two-toned kitchen cabinets partnered with black matte finishes of a faucet, hardware, breakfast bar stools to help add some contrast and tie the space together. Added a geometric cage pendant lights and chandelier for the modern feel of the room.

B – White wall paints with grey finishes, metal accent décor pieces, and modern accent lighting fixtures add character to the remodel.

C – Upgrade the bathroom's overall materials for a luxurious and relaxing feel.

D – Install luxury vinyl floors that complement the monochromatic color scheme of the whole interior.

the Process

The home makeover process starts with a developed plan that clearly states the client’s home renovation goal. From a laid-out designing inspiration through consultation and budget estimate, which can maximize the design’s potential within the agreed budget. Moreover, finalizing the outline and scope of work that needs to be done. It was vital for the team to make the client feel comfortable with the home makeover’s design layout.

Structure details of the home

The overall structure features the upgraded materials for more functional and interior design-wise. Calming neutrals of wood texture with minimalist light accent fixtures, not only is it mood-lifting but visually makes the room appear bigger. Kitchen and bath remodel designs are united with the rest of the house, all balance with structure and design as a whole.

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Highlighted design features

Clean, modern, and bright. Adding open shelving opens up the kitchen area and adds ample room for displaying decors. The island, which is the highlight of the kitchen, makes it more elegant because of the waterfall calacattaquartz countertop that perfectly fits the interior styling and serves as a functional aspect of the kitchen. The striking chandelier gives the perfect glamour to the dining area with a white-painted French door for natural lighting.

Appliances are built into the cabinets to ensure that they don’t appear separate from the kitchen, providing an appearance of spaciousness, even in a small room, creating an ultimate sleek, trendy kitchen aesthetic. The cabinetry was updated with the fresh color of bold grey, making a massive statement for all kitchen and bathroom remodel.

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The Story

Client Goals

To make the limited space practical and appealing to the eye, this charming bathroom style combines elegant, eclectic, and friendly decor features. Many colors and designs of the style are used to bring out the youthful edge of this bathroom remodel, making this little area of warmth colorful and lively. Our client wanted to liven up the shower, toilet, and laundry area, and add warmth to space. Since there are certain gaps and parts of the space we can get creative with, they wanted to fill in those gaps with unique and fun décor.

Existing Conditions

The primary vision was to go from an old-fashioned bathroom and laundry area to a more contemporary accent, with vibrant ambiance. Some of the fixtures are already old and seem to be drab from the start. Also, maximizing the light and adding colors to make the bathroom light up is a priority since only one small window is in the space. Overall, the finished look delivered the primary goals for this project, and our client was seemingly pleased.

The Plan

Our team was able to plan this bathroom and laundry remodel after establishing the project's goals. In the design, we wanted to achieve giving a youthful look to this project, and transform it into a fun modern remodel.

A—Create a modern yet youthful bathroom space and laundry area through vibrant decors and theme

B—Fill in the gaps of the space making it more functional yet bright and colorful

C—Provide a warm appeal for the space and adding modern touches

The Process

The remodeling process was done in just a few weeks, and it was pleasant experience both with our client and our United Team. For the design, it was teamed up with Amanda George Interior Design, which helped us in the design process for the overall look for this bathroom and laundry project. During this time, we met with the client to review material choices and other information, and all throughout was a very refreshing experience to have this eclectic and fun remodel.

The Features

The main attraction for this design is the unique decorative floor tile and the change of the bathroom walling. The contrast between the black decorative floor tile and the staggered tiles for the walls create this fun look for the overall setup of the toilet room and shower area.

Also, adding the blue accent for the rest of the bathroom walling creates a cool ambience for this remodel, making the additional decors pop up and add life into the space. The round classic framed mirror together with the black accent for faucet sink and other furnishings adds the modern touches of this design.

The laundry room, on the other hand, has a very fun pattern for its wallpaper tiles, the mint green color for the printed tiles adds a splash of color for the overall design. The quartzite counter adds a classy yet modern accent to this design but not washing out the fun and playful vibe of the space.

The Result

This was a beautiful, cost-effective project that fulfilled all of the client's requests and needs to have a warm remodel result. The customer was laid-back and quick to deal with and was very attentive during the project. We were able to bring out its youthful edge of this bathroom remodel, where we were able to use multiple colors and patterns of style to make this small area of warmth fun and lively!

The Story

Client Goals

The house is a high-end townhome in a gated community in Bothell, WA, close to commercial areas without sacrificing the luxury of a cozy home. It features high ceilings, a traditional fireplace, and sparkling hardwood floors. Our client primarily requested a kitchen and bathroom remodel for their home without adjusting to the overall layout. They wanted a sleek, classy remodel with plenty of cabinet storage as a top priority. The result was stunning, brightening up the whole kitchen.

Existing Conditions

The client wanted to keep the existing floor plan and flooring for the kitchen and bath while ensuring that space is maximized for more cabinet space. The kitchen's condition showed that it was crowded with the classic wooden cabinetry, which matches the wooden flooring. The rust-like color of its kitchen cabinets, combined with cream-colored walling, made the room appear dim.

The Plan

With the goals set in place for the project, our team designed this transitional kitchen remodel. We aimed to balance the comfort of a traditional style and the sleek cleanliness of a contemporary kitchen.

A—Achieving the maximum storage for the kitchen through installing two pantry cabinets and removing the pantry wall, and replacing the current cabinetry with new ones in more significant dimensions.

B—Minimalist furnishings are complimented by white cabinetry and grey porcelain walling, creating a fresh contemporary look.

C—The rustic hardwood flooring easily compliments the simplistic yet sleek design. It has a modern yet classic appearance.

The Process

It was a pleasant experience. All through the construction and design process, we had excellent communication. Vlad, the project manager, and his team developed a concept that fit within the client's budget. The client was out of town through the whole remodeling phase, so scheduled updates online were done along with videos and pictures that the project manager sent to the client as an update on the project. During the design phase, we made call meetings with the client for material selections and discussed details. At this time, the client also realized that they want more drawer storage, so aside from adding more storage for the cabinetry, we resolved it by inserting roll-out trays into the cabinets.

The Result

It was a fantastic budget-friendly project that met all of the client's space requirements with the most cost-effective solutions. The client was easygoing and easy to work with and was very responsive in all phases of the project. The ultimate design goal was to create a clutter-free, easy-to-clean kitchen and bathroom to maintain the home's comfort while maintaining a minimalist design look, which was accomplished in this project.

The Story

Client Goals

Our client bought the land intending to turn it into their home with his wife two years ago. Together with their idea of emphasizing the beauty of the site by simply building a coastal home type, they started building a team to make all of this happen.

The goal of this redesign is to do the finishing of the interiors.  Adding up luxurious contemporary feels within the different rooms of the 270 sq ft house.

Existing Conditions

Our clients’ interiors are solely made from scratch. You will see drywalls from everywhere. The whole area is very spacious and each corner has a magnificent view of the cozy surroundings around the site.

The main objective of this redesign is to incorporate a luxurious and classic contemporary look from all over the place. At the same time, showcasing the unwithered beauty of the site. Making each space organized and cozy for each activity of the family.

The Plan

We designed a completely new set back of classic contemporary interior for kitchen and bathroom. A Modern Coastal Farmhouse Style exterior design leaving a vivid impression for the whole structure.

A – A center countertop is added in the kitchen with a built -in sink allowing a spacious circulation route for the kitchen.

B – All bathroom walls are finished with straight vertical tiles and accented with black matte fixtures. This is to emphasize the modern contemporary feels of the house without exaggerating the design.

C – Installing fireplace using an Anthracite Matte Olympia tile.

Design Vision

This newly built home needed a lot of re-crafting and improvement. The whole renovation started from scratch, where dry walls and woods were freshly assembled. Our design included updating the kitchen from framing and dry-wall into a classic contemporary look with upscale bathroom designs and accented features.

We incorporated all-white paint on every wall and accented with matte black finishes for a more contemporary look. One of the greatest highlights in each room was the use of a white shaker cabinet.

Structure Details Of The Home

The two-story home consisted of a high ceiling that gave the whole place a lighter feeling. We took advantage of this unusual high ceiling with the use of a practical and elegant kitchen cabinet, which was a subtle way to add more storage especially for holiday themed kitchen & dining items.

Each room is very spacious and natural light strikes through the whole area. The walls, on the other hand, have a good foundation; consisting of different wood frames. These features give way for our three sliding doors for the patio and the huge white board door behind the cozy lounge.

Highlighted design features

The white siding design, grey gable roof, and exterior black windows help create a modern coastal farmhouse aesthetic and bolster the curb appeal of the house

The whole place was painted white for a clean finish and the floors are made of Oak style LVP. More of its features are listed below:

  • The 10-foot ceiling for the kitchen area and hanging cabinets to the ceiling for spacious storage.

  • Calacatta quartz countertops

  • Three sliding patio doors with side by side built-in fireplace

  • Freestanding tub along with the window for natural lighting

  • Marble-like porcelain tiles all over the bathrooms

The Story

Property Overview

This sleek townhouse remodel consists of spacious, sun-oriented living areas seamlessly joined to expansive kitchens w/ open shelving, custom Acadia Craft cabinetry, & large pantries. On the roof deck, a scene of glistening shores of Washington awaits you and a state of the art bathroom designs for a cozy way to end your day.

Existing Conditions

This newly built three-story property consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a sight-seeing roof deck of Washington waters. The whole area is very spacious with sleek balconies and vast glass windows.

Considering that this property is fresh from scratch, the whole area is solely made of dry walls and bricks prior remodel. Our client’s goal is to emphasize sophistication within each corner of the townhouse using the white and wood accents. A very timely design to mix-match the natural beauty of the area.

The Plan

Through the seamless mirrored feature of the home, we design a contemporary feel in wood and white accent to flourish the setback look of the property’s location.

A – Expansive kitchens with open shelving, custom Acadia Craft cabinetry, & large pantries.

B – White finishes with a matte black accent for the bathroom.

C – A cozy, sun-oriented roof deck finished in wood accent floors.

D – High ceilings complimented by clerestory windows ensure great

Highlighted Feature

The use of white to light gray colors is to keep the whole property looking clean with a perfect combination of the natural lighting coming from the wide mirrored windows. A peninsula kitchen layout is designed to maximize the space and give enough room for comfortable movement. On the other hand, the open cabinetry adds up a minimalistic look for the whole kitchen area.

Both bathroom and kitchen fixtures have chrome finishes and the cabinet hardware are matte black finishes. The floorings are finished with marble-like porcelain black tiles. While the walls are made with vertically designed hexagon tiles.

Going through the shower area is a gigantic frameless shower enclosure and a two-way shower system. All incorporated with all-white wall tiles in a herringbone 90° pattern for a more sophisticated look.

Be inspired with some of these stunning features:

  • Matte accented industrial lights for bathroom lightings

  • Custom open shelvings of kitchen cabinets for adept look and polished touch.

  • Hexagon tile walls for bathroom

  • Hardwood floorings and wood-accented walls

  • Wood and white combination of dining set overlooking the city’s rich environment

The outcome

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