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Matthew & Miguel

In the heart of Seattle, where the breathtaking landscapes and innovative lifestyles converge, we embarked on an extraordinary kitchen remodel project. Nestled within a charming Seattle home, our mission was to harmoniously blend modern functionality with the city’s unique character. We envisioned a kitchen that not only catered to the daily needs of the homeowners but also celebrated the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty. From sleek, sustainable materials to large windows that frame the mesmerizing views of the Seattle skyline, this kitchen remodel was a tribute to the vibrant spirit of the Emerald City.

Our clients were inspired by a blend of moody sophistication and subtle brightness. Their vision included the rich warmth of walnut cabinets, the striking contrast of black hardware, and the luminous allure of a light-toned backsplash. Once our renderings were finalized, we were confident that this meticulously designed space perfectly matched our clients’ desires and would be tailored to their unique preferences.

Upon the completion of this remarkable project, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with the results. The transformation of the kitchen from a vision to reality was truly gratifying. As we unveiled the finished space to our clients, their eyes lit up with delight, and their smiles spoke volumes. Their enthusiastic response, filled with appreciation and satisfaction, reaffirmed our commitment to delivering excellence. Knowing that our clients not only liked but adored their newly remodeled kitchen was the ultimate reward for our dedicated team of professionals. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail in making dreams come true.

Cabinets – Bellmont Custom Cabinetry
Cabinet Pulls Top Knobs TK252BLK Sanctuary II 7 Inch Center to Center |
Faucet – Kingmore
Backsplash / Countertop – Indigo Slabs
Flooring Shaw SW485-00986 Castlewood Oak 7-1/2″ Wide Wire Brushed |
Light Pendant Black Sphere Schoolhouse Electric Pendant Light | Hippo Hardware & Trading Company
Hood & Hood Cover: Hoodsly