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What Is The Cost Of Installing Kitchen Cabinets In 2024

kitchen renovation Seattle can be an overwhelming task with lots of financial planning involved. Therefore, a lot of homeowners prefer changing tiny bits in a Seattle kitchen remodel to save money but add value to the kitchen and home simultaneously. Kitchen cabinets are one such entity that change the face of the kitchen once you hire a kitchen remodeling services Seattle. However, the cost of such a home improvement has changed significantly over the years. Let us look at the general cost of installing kitchen cabinets Seattle in 2024.

Base Cost Of Installation

The average cost of installing a new cabinet lies between $150 and $500 per foot. The cost varies due to several factors like material, style, size and design. However, affordable kitchen remodel services in Seattle always provide the best result if a reliable company like United Signature is contracted for such a task. The cost can end up at the higher end if a wrong person is hired.

Cost By Size

The cost of cabinets is often priced by linear foot. For a 10×10 kitchen, which is the standard size with 20 feet of wall space, replacing cabinets costs between $3,000 and $11,000. For a 12×12 kitchen with 25 linear feet of cabinetry, the cost ranges from $3,800 to $15,000.

Stock Vs. Custom

This is where the affordable kitchen remodel services in Seattle converts into an expensive operation. Since custom cabinets are made on order, they are more aesthetically pleasing but the cost goes through the kitchen roof. Stock cabinets cost between $100 to $400 linear foot whereas semi-custom cabinets cost between $150 and $700 and fully customized cabinets cost $500 to $1200 per linear foot. Therefore, research and budgeting are very important once you go for the higher value portion during your Seattle kitchen remodel.


The cost of home improvement is ever increasing due to high inflation rates in United States of America. However, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the cost of new cabinets remains the same as 2022 due to drop in demand. Therefore, it is the ideal time to get a kitchen renovation Seattle where kitchen cabinets are your sole focus.

Other Cost Considerations

There are some other costs that affect the overall cost of the project. These costs include labor ($50 to $300 per linear foot), Materials, Hardware ($67 to $197 per item), old cabinet removal ($300 to $500), miscellaneous ($500 to $800). Therefore, it is important to hire one kitchen remodeling services Seattle like United Signature and save the overall cost rather than paying different values to different subcontractors.

Way Forward: Are New Cabinets Worth It?

New kitchen cabinets have an average life of 50 years, making a cabinet centric kitchen renovation Seattle a high return investment. However, if budget is an issue, changing the face of the cabinets and getting the basic repairing done can increase the outlook by 50% which is not a bad deal as well. Either way, the time to get your kitchen renovation Seattle done is right now as the advantages of a new cabinet set outweigh using the old ones by a country mile. In conclusion, updating kitchen cabinets is a valuable investment that can significantly enhance your home’s appeal and market value.