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Matthew & Miguel

In the heart of Seattle, where the breathtaking landscapes and innovative lifestyles converge, we embarked on an extraordinary kitchen remodel project. Nestled within a charming Seattle home, our mission was to harmoniously blend modern functionality with the city’s unique character. We envisioned a kitchen that not only catered to the daily needs of the homeowners […]


Are you tired of walking into an outdated, cramped kitchen that lacks the warmth and functionality you desire? Our recent kitchen remodel project might just inspire you to transform your own culinary space into the heart of your home. Our client approached us with a kitchen that had seen better days. It was small, cramped, […]


Our client’s vision was to install a permanent island in her kitchen, along with achieving a harmonious backsplash. To enhance the overall space and flow, we made the strategic decision to remove the wall where the fridge was previously located. This transformation not only added an abundance of natural light but also created a sense […]